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115g sushi-grade salmon, 2 potatoes (large), 1 spring onion, 6 small sheets of toasted nori (i.e. paper-thin sheets of dried seaweed), 30g spinach, 1T oil, some wasabi paste, some salt, some warm water.

some salt, some ground black pepper.


1. Peel, rinse and cut potatoes into quarters; Blanch in boiling water with some salt for 30 minutes; Lift them up; Mash.
2. Rinse spring onion; Cut off both ends; Chop finely.
3. Add seasonings, the spring onion and some wasabi to the potato smash from the step 1; Mix well; Cover with a piece of cling film; Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes; Take it out of the fridge; Discard the cling film; Divide into 6 equal portions.
4. Discard the stems of spinach; Rinse; Blanch in boiling water with some salt and 1T oil for 1 minute; Lift them up; Drain; Cool at the room temperature; Divide into 6 equal portions.
5. Cut salmon into batons; Divide into 6 equal portions.
6. Lay a sheet of toasted nori on a rolling mat with the shiny-side facing the mat and the longest end toward you; Evenly spread a portion of the potato smash on the nori, leaving 1/3 empty; Arrange a portion of the spinach on top; Arrange a portion of the salmon on top; Fold the mat over, starting at the end where the ingredients are and tucking in the end of the nori to start; Keep rolling, lifting up the mat as you go and keeping the pressure even but gentle till finished; Moisten the edge of the nori with some warm water to seal; Remove the roll from the mat; Cut into 4 equal pieces with a wet and very sharp knife (Repeat the step 6 till the ingredients are used up).