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250g sushi rice (i.e. short-grain rice), 1.25 cup of water, 1 piece of kombu (i.e. seaweed), 2T sushi rice seasoning, 1 Canadian lobster, 8g pickled ginger, 1 cucumber, 1 ripe avocado.

(1) some lemon juice, some ground white pepper.
(2) 1tsp wasabi paste, 2T Japanese mayonnaise.


1. Wash sushi rice under cold running water till the water through it is completely clear; Leave in the strainer to drain for 60 minutes; Arrange the rice in a pan with 1.25 cups of water and a piece of kombu; Bring to the boil over a high heat; Remove the kombu; Cover the pan; Turn to a medium-low heat; Simmer for 10 minutes;
Turn off the heat; Leave it with the lid for 15 minutes.
2. Arrange the hot rice in a sushi-oke (large and very shallow bowl); Pour 2T sushi rice seasoning over the top; Mix well with a rice spatula and hand; Fan the rice till it cools at the room temperature; Cover with a clean moist but not wet cloth till ready to use.
3. Arrange a lobster into a large pan with cold and heavily salted water; Bring to the boil over a low heat; Keep on simmering till the lobster has become deep brick red; Lift the lobster up; Lay the lobster on its back; Twist off the large legs and claws; Carefully crack open the claws with a wooden mallet; Scoop out the meat from the legs with a lobster pick; Stretch out the body of the lobster so that its tail is extended; Turn to its back; Cut the lobster neatly in a half along its entire length, holding it firmly with one hand; Discard the whitish sac and the feathery gills from the head;
Discard the grey-black intestinal thread that runs down the tail; Carefully remove all the meat from each half of the tail; Slice; Marinate in seasoning (1) for 5 minutes.
4. Rinse a cucumber; Cut off the ends; Slice.
5. Peel an avocado; Slice the flesh.
6. Chop pickled ginger finely.
7. Add seasoning (2) to a bowl; Mix well to be the dressing.
8. Add the chopped pickled ginger to the sushi rice from the step 2; Mix well; Arrange in a serving plate; Arrange the lobster from the step 3, the cucumber and avocado on top of the rice; Drizzle with the dressing from the step 7.