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84g sushi rice (i.e. short-grain rice), 2/5 cup of water, 1 piece of kombu (i.e. seaweed), 2/3T sushi rice seasoning, 2 crab claws (medium), 1 lemon, 2 small sheets of toasted nori (i.e. paper-thin sheets of dried seaweed).

1/2t salt, 1t ground black pepper, 2T Japanese mayonnaise.


1. Wash sushi rice under cold running water till the water through it is completely clear; Leave in the strainer to drain for 60 minutes; Arrange the rice in a pan with 2/5cups of water and a piece of kombu; Bring to the boil over a high heat; Remove the kombu; Cover the pan; Turn to a medium-low heat; Simmer for 10 minutes; Turn off the heat; Leave it with the lid for 15 minutes.
2. Arrange the hot rice in a sushi-oke (large and very shallow bowl); Pour 2/3T sushi rice seasoning over the top; Mix well with a rice spatula and hand; Fan the rice till it cools at the room temperature; Cover with a clean moist but not wet cloth till ready to use.
3. Soak a lemon in water for 30 seconds; Remove and rinse; Drain; Cut into halves; Grind an half for lemon zest with a grater; Cut the remaining half into halves; Juice an half and cut the remaining half into wedges.
4. Blanch crab claws in boiling water for 3 minutes; Remove and immediately soak in iced water for 1 minute; Crack the shell with the back of knife and remove the shells; Tear the crabmeat into shreds and put into a bowl; Add seasonings and 1t of the lemon zest from the step 3; Mix well; Divide into 8 equal portions.
5. Cut each sheet of nori into 4 strips lengthwise.
6. Divide the sushi rice from the step 2 into 8 equal portions; Shape each portion of the rice into an oval with wet hands; Wrap each with a strip of the nori; Trim off any excess nori; Stick the ends of each together with a some crushed sushi rice; Arrange a portion of crabmeat mixture from the step 4 on each sushi boat; Arrange the sushi boats on a serving plate; Drizzle with a few drops of the lemon juice from the step 3; Serve with the lemon wedges from the step 3.