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300g corbicula clams, 4T red miso, 3T salt.

3.3 cups of dashi broth.


1. Soak corbicula clams in water with 3T salt for 6 hours; Lift the clams up; Scrub clams in running water with a stiff brush to remove any sand or dirt; Scrape off any barnacles with a knife; Cut open the clams over a bowl to catch the delicious juice; Strain the juice through a fine-mesh sieve to a bowl; Give any open clams a sharp tap and discard any that fail to close; Pull out the fibrous bread that sprouts between the two halves of the shell.
2. Pour seasonings and the clam juice from the step 1 into a pot; Bring to the boil over a high heat; Add the clams; Cook over a high heat till the clams are open (roughly 4 minutes in total and discard any closed ones); Turn off the heat; Lift up the clams and arrange in serving bowls; Strain the soup through cheese cloth to another pot; Ladle 2 tsp soup to a bowl.
3. Add 4T red miso to the bowl from the step 2; Mix well; Add to the pot with the soup from the step 2; Stir over a low heat till mixed; Turn off the heat; Divide the soup into the serving bowls with the clams; Serve immediately.