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400g mung bean sprouts, 199g frozen ramen noodles, 2 stalks of spring onion, 16 sprigs of coriander, 1/2 cup of dried sakura ebi (i.e. Japanese shrimp), 2T chili threads, 30g ginger.

(1) 2T miso sauce, 2T nam pla (i.e. fish sauce), 1/4 cup of kurosu (i.e. aged rice vinegar), 2T lime juice.
(2) 6T sesame oil,n2 tsp chili oil.


1. Discard the wilted mung bean sprouts; Discard the heads; Rinse and drain; Blanch in boiling water for 10 seconds; Lift the sprouts up immediately; Drain; Keep in the fridge till ready to use.
2. Rinse spring onion; Cut off both ends; Slice thinly.
3. Rinse coriander; Discard the stems.
4. Peel, rinse and thinly slice ginger.
5. Blanch ramen noodles in boiling water for a few minutes (according to the package instruction); Lift the ramen up immediately; Transfer to a fine-mesh sieve; Rinse in running water till cool; Drain.
6. Add seasoning (1) to a bowl; Mix well.
7. Add seasoning (2) to a saucepan; Stir to mix well; Cook over a high heat till there is popping sound; Turn off the heat.
8. Arrange the ramen in serving plates; Arrange sakura ebi on top of the ramen; Arrange the ginger, the spring onion and the mung bean sprouts on top next; Garnish with the coriander and chili threads; Drizzle with the seasoning (1); Serve immediately with the spicy oil from the step 7 on the side.