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240g salmon fillet, 2 pieces of dried kelp, 170g hard tofu, 70g enoki mushrooms, 30g straw mushrooms, 30g shiitake mushrooms, 1 lemon, 12 snow peas.

(1) 2/3 cup of sake, 2/3 cup of water.
(2) 1 tsp salt, some ground black pepper.
(3) 1.5T soy sauce.


1. Wipe clean dried kelp with damp kitchen paper; Pour seasoning (1) to a bowl; Soak the kelp in the seasoning; Leave it overnight.
2. Rinse a lemon; Cut into halves; Grate for some lemon zest; Juice.
3. Rinse salmon fillets in running water for 6 minutes; Drain; Scrap off the scale from the skin with the back of a knife; Rinse and drain; Remove any fine bones with a pair of tweezers; Marinate in seasoning (2) with some lemon juice from the step 2 for 45 minutes.
4. Cut off the dirt ends of enoki mushrooms; Rinse in running water for a few minutes; Drain; Separate into a few bunches.
5. Trim off the dirt on straw mushrooms with a knife; Rinse and drain.
6. Rinse shiitake mushrooms; Trim off the stems; Slice.
7. Tear off the stems from both sides of snow peas; Rinse and drain; Blanch in boiling water with some salt for 3 minutes; Lift the peas up and rinse in running water till cool; Drain.
8. Lift the kombu up; Add seasoning (3) to the liquid.
9. Drain hard tofu; Cut into large pieces.
10. Lay kelp from the step 8 to microwave-safe bowls; Arrange the enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, straw mushrooms, tofu and salmon on the kombu; Pour the soy sauce mixture from the step 8 into the serving bowls till the ingredients are just covered; Cover with microwave-safe cling film; Put into the microwave and cook for 4.5 minutes; Take them out of the microwave; Unwrap; Transfer to serving bowls; Garnish with the snow peas and lemon zest; Serve hot.