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6 Japanese eggplants, 1 green chili pepper, 1 cherry tomato, some coriander, 8g ginger, 1T oil.

3T soy sauce, 1/2T sesame oil, 1T rice vinegar, 1T toasted white sesame seeds, 1/2T mirin, 1 tsp red pepper powder.


1. Rinse eggplants; Cut each into halves lengthwise; Cut off the stems; Score each into 5mm deep lengthwise, starting from just below the stem to the bottom.
2. Evenly grease a steaming plate with 1T oil; Arrange the eggplants on the steaming plate.
3. Arrange a steaming rack into a deep heavy-based skillet; Pour water into a deep heavy-based skillet till the height of the rack; Bring to the boil over a high heat; Turn to a low heat; Arrange the steaming plate with the eggplants on the rack; Cover the skillet with its lid; Turn to a high heat; Steam over a high heat for 7 minutes; Turn off the heat; Uncover; Cool at the room temperature; Chill in the fridge covered by cling film till ready to serve.
4. Rinse a green chili pepper; Cut into halves; Seed; Chop.
5. Discard the stems of coriander; Rinse and drain.
6. Rinse a cherry tomato; Discard the stem.
7. Peel, rinse and mince ginger.
8. Add seasonings and the minced ginger to a bowl; Mix well.
9. Take the eggplants from the step 3 out of the fridge; Arrange on a serving plate; Sprinkle with the green chili pepper; Drizzle with the dressing from the step 8; Garnish with the coriander and cherry tomato.