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1kg sweet potatoes, 400g canned chestnuts in syrup, 5 cups of water.

1.25 cup of caster sugar, 4T mirin, 1T honey.


1. Peel and rinse sweet potatoes.
2. Pour 5 cups of water to a pot; Bring to the boil over a high heat; Add the sweet potatoes; Cook over a high heat till soft; Turn off the heat; Lift the sweet potatoes up and drain.
3. Drain canned chestnuts; Reserve the syrup for later use.
4. Add the sweet potatoes to an electric blender; Process till smooth; Add seasonings and 2/3 cup of chestnuts syrup
from the step 3; Process for a minute; Transfer to a non-stick heavy-based skillet; Cook over a medium-low heat for 10 minutes (stir occassionally) ; Add the chestnuts; Stir to mix; Turn off the heat; Arrange on serving plates.