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9g gelatine, 2 edible gold leaves, 1 bundle of fresh sakura, 120ml sake, some salt.

60ml water, 50g caster sugar.


1. Soak gelatine in cold water till soft; Lift the gelatine up and drain; Cut into pieces with a pair of scissors.
2. Rinse sakura in water with some salt; Drain; Discard the stems.
3. Lay a piece of cling film in each mould with the edges hanging over the sides of the mould.
4. Add seasonings to a non-stick saucepan; Stir over a low heat till the sugar is dissolved; Stir in 120ml sake; Bring to the boil over a medium heat; Turn off the heat; Put the pan into a big stainless steel bowl filled with ice cubes; Add edible gold leaves and the gelatine from the step 1; Stir till it almost solidifies; Pour into the moulds from the step 3 till 1/2 of each mould; Add the sakura (reserve some sakura for later use); Pour the remaining gelatine mixture into the moulds; Cover the moulds with another piece of cling film; Chill in the fridge till the jelly completely sets.
5. Take the moulds with jelly from the step 4 out of the fridge; Discard the cling film on the top; Carefully slide the jelly to the serving plates with the crushed ice at the bottom; Garnish with the remaining sakura; Serve immediately.